Cloud Solutions.

The term Cloud Solutions translate to “work, share and access business and private electronic data, any-time, anywhere through multiple devices” as long as internet access is available.

Oc2Tech IT Solutions provides a full cloud solutions for all your business and private needs. Build your own Cloud Solutions package and change as and when you need. Choose from email, internet, accounting, Microsoft Office 365, inCloud Backup, online disk storage to website design.

Cloud Solutions refers to hosted services for email, applications and backups – Saas – Software as a Service.

The term “the cloud” is really a metaphor for the Internet so you already use the cloud when you access your email or your internet banking.

Using cloud software means that you have no hardware installation hassles because there is nothing to install. Cloud Solutions software, which can also be referred to as software as a service (Saas) is software and its associated data furthermore centrally hosted in the cloud. You have no upgrade hassles – you are automatically working on the latest version of the software. And, you have no security hassles.

Oc2Tech IT Solutions know that it is important that your data is safe. Accessing your data from the cloud is one of the most secure solutions to store your information. If your computer is stolen or there is a disaster like a fire, your data is in the cloud and unaffected. This means that as long as you have access to a computer or mobile device, you can access your data and continue working.

Some Products:

Sage One Accounting. – Sage Pastel Cloud Solution

Microsoft Office 365.

inCloud Backup.

In conclusion, the best part about cloud accounting software – or online accounting software – is that you have no accessibility hassles. While customers have the flexibility to run their business no matter where they are. Anywhere, anytime! No worriers about packages licenses being lost or stolen, it belongs to your company and you can manage it from the cloud accounts.