Cloud Backup Solution.

The term cloud backup solution or cloud computer backup refers to backing up data to a remote or cloud-based server. a Cloud backup solution stores data in multiple data centers and are connected with fail over connection.

a Cloud backup solution enables enterprises or individuals to store their data and computer backups in the cloud. The cloud disk replaces the legacy storing method of data locally on a physical disk, such as a hard drive or tape backup.

a Cloud backup solution provider enables customers to remotely access the provider’s services to complete backups. Using a secure client log in application to back up files from the customer’s computers or data center, to the secure disk space through an encrypted connection.

a Company’s most valuable asset is its electronic data. Oc2Tech IT Solutions identified electronic data most of all as the foundation of a company and as a result recognized the importance of a secure cloud backup solution.

Oc2Tech IT Solutions provides:

Secure Online Backup. – inCloud Backup.
Desktop and server cloud backups.
Incremental and full cloud backups with Secure AES-256 encryption.
Onsite and off site backups.
Backup to multiple destinations and disk banks.
Device configuration backup.

Data recovery is a easy process in all solutions to restore files to original or specified destination.

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No more worries about your backups due to a reliable solutions. Users can schedule and select their backup jobs with ease because the application is user friendly and easy to use.

Our cloud backup solution offers policy management for Corporate and Small Medium Enterprises. As a result users and groups will be assigned backup jobs policies through your online control panel. Further more you can manage and control what is backup-ed up by location and content. Finally you can exclude, first of all video’s, music also any file type most note worthy due to you business needs.

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