Free Fax to Email

Fax to Email is free, free fax to email means receiving faxes sent to your 086/085 fax number as email attachments in your inbox. Simply give out your new 086 fax number and start receiving faxes in your email inbox.
This free fax number is yours for life and this number can be published on business cards as well as websites.

Email to Fax

Email to Fax offers you the ability to send faxes to any fax machine worldwide, directly from your email program…

  • Faxes are sent from your email program.
  • Body of email acts as the fax cover sheet.
  • Attached documents will be delivered as the fax.
  •  Sending to multiple recipients.
  • No software to download or installation required.
  • Fax multiple formats simultaneously.

Backup / Archive

Retrieving archived received faxes has never been easier – logon with your password, click on the Received or Sent* faxes tab, select the fax you require and click the Resend button.

  • Users may elect to comply with the SARS Act for the Archiving of documentation and make use of our Faxing Solution’s storage facility insuring the safe keeping of the documents for a 5 year period.
  • On receiving your fax, you have the opportunity to set the subject, custom name and date your fax with up-to 60 characters, ensuring that you can search for your faxes once stored.

It is law that a Company keeps record of their correspondence for 5 years – this service does this for you, protecting the integrity of your fax data offsite, with real-time access for retrieval.

Here are some more wonderful features our Fax to Email Solution offers you:

Sending Faxes has never been this Simple!

  • Competitive sending rates
  • Free 5 year archiving
  • Receive confirmation of delivery/non delivery
  • No hardware or setup costs required
  • Free up Telkom Fixed lines
  •  No pages missed in multiple page transmissions
  •  No jammed fax machine
  • Utilises your current investment in email, internet infrastructure, systems and software
  • Online log of all received faxes for your unique fax number with our faxing product
  • Cover sheet facility
  • Dynamic ability for network administrators to allocate service to employees with full reporting
  • Company control on usage limits (budget limits)
  • Security level established at local desktop – client control
  • User authentication during driver installation
  • Username and password protected

Launching FREE Fax to Email Solutions!

  • Inbound fax to email are FREE of charge
  • No setup or management fees
  • Each employee can have their own fax number free of charge
  • No software or hardware is required, resulting in no lead time for the installation of our faxing solution’s service
  • Utilises current investment in email, internet infrastructure, systems and software
  • Better print quality. No maintenance and support staff needed
  • No maintenance and support staff needed
  • Multiple page documents are sent and received quicker
  • Received faxes can be redirected to any email address worldwide
  • Fax numbers remain uncharged should the Company move
  • Provide better customer service
  • Direct saving on paper, ink, fax machine maintenance and rentals etc.
  • The fax machine is never jammed. If your email server is down the faxes will queue so no faxes will ever be lost
  • Receive faxes remotely
  • Faxes remain confidential as they are delivered directly to the addressee
  • Users can digitally store and archive faxes digitally without the scanning process
  • Fax numbers are not Area Code specific as they are national numbers
  • Free 5 year archiving
  • Your faxes can be received wherever you are in the world
  • Fax connection speed is equal to your internet connectivity bit rate

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