Fibre Internet

Fibre Internet is transforming South African businesses through it’s the launch of high-speed, low contention, uncapped & unshaped fibre internet to the business (FTTB) offerings. The main benefits of our Business Solutions are lower jitter, less latency and obviously, the cost decrease due to you dealing directly with the source of the Fibre Internet bandwidth in Africa.

Fibre Internet

Oc2Tech ICT Solution’s Fibre Internet Access X-Rural (FIA X-Rural) gives your business an unparalleled Internet experience at prices which enable your business to unleash the power of the Internet and the cloud.

Not only is our Fibre Internet unshaped but also truly uncapped which means:

  • That you can use as much data as you want
  • You will not receive surprise out-of-bundle charges
  • We will not throttle your Internet speed
  • We will not dictate which of your traffic is more important


Fibre Internet Pricing



Internet Fiber connected online

Fiber Internet Vaal


*Prices above are based on 24 month term and are exclusive of VAT
Once-off from R5500 for installation & fibre connection, additional T&C’s apply. MIS(Managed Internet Service) from R1500.00 p/m

Terms & Conditions:

  • The prices are only valid for order form(s) received, not only accepted by Oc2Tech ICT Solutions for the next 30 days but also are subject to execution by both parties of the agreements.
  • The NRC is payable in advance.
  • The NRC is payable monthly in advance.
  • This proposal is not an offer to provide the services described herein. This proposal not a legal obligation to provide the services. No service would arise until a definite agreement (“agreement”) has been validly executed by both parties. Also an order form for such services has been submitted by Customer and accepted by Oc2Tech ICT Solutions. In addition, this proposal is not intended to create any obligation upon Oc2Tech ICT Solutions or customer to execute an agreements or order form.
  • Provider will install a layer 2, un-managed switch at clients site. The equipment is referred to as CPE(Client Premises Equipment).
  • In addition Oc2Tech ICT Solutions offers Managed Internet Service that not only include a fully managed firewall with Annual License, Warranty, Network Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam and User Policies, Firewall Insurance but also managed remotely.