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Vaal Fibre Solutions

Fibre uses optics to carry data via light, which makes it faster, more stable and has lower latency than your ordinary DSL packages. Fibre internet is weather resistant, being more reliable and consistent.

Some of the many added benefits of our Fibre Solutions:

  • No Telkom: No need for a landline means you don’t have to deal with Telkom and we save you those extra monthly costs and hassles.
  • Increased Connectivity: Connect as many devices as you need, fibre supports better connection with multiple devices connected simultaneously.
  • High-def Streaming: Enjoy the best smooth and high quality streaming thanks to fast connectivity and with low ping, you can play games and stream to your hearts content.
  • Better Bandwidth: Enjoy greater amounts of data transfers, whether you’re sending or receiving.

Our Promise to you:

We will supply you with affordable fibre internet.

Our professional team is waiting to provide you with the best quality fibre connection in the Vaal.
We supply business fibre, fibre to prem and fibre to home.

Give us a call and we will get working on a quote for that perfect internet connection, to fulfill your online needs.

While you wait for your fibre internet installation, we will provide you with a temporary LTE installation at fibre speeds.

Should you have more questions, or have any questions :