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Vaal Fibre Internet Direct is the most reliable service in South Africa.
Business Vaal Fibre Internet allows customers to receive connectivity through fibre optic cable. Jenny offers the most reliable vaal fibre internet service in South Africa. All Business Fibre Internet services can include Fibre Over Wireless connection as a fail-over – from the day fibre internet is installed, cable breaks no longer affect connectivity. All services fail-over within seconds and staff will not even notice a change. Oc2Tech ICT Solutions offers a full range of Internet Protocol services beyond Business Fibre.
  • Very high speed with low latency.
  • Future-proof: this service is scalable to 1Gbps (Gigabyte per second).
  • Highest up time fibre. Fail-over to Fibre over Wireless seamlessly.
  • 5 static public routable IP addresses (more can be purchased).
  • Low contention ratio (amount of other users sharing the same bandwidth as your company).
  • Vaal Fibre Internet Service Level Agreement.

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Vaal Fiber Internet Pricing

Vaal Fiber Internet Pricing

The problem with internet in South Africa is:

There are many copper cable breaks because of economic growth in South Africa. These cable breaks affect all copper cable services, and this downtime can bring businesses to a standstill. Most business are surviving by installing multiple ADSL lines and/or Diginet lines, which do not provide enough speed for the long term. Some install fibre, but realize the services provided are not what is expected (such as having high contention ratios).

Here are some of the reasons why service providers are not providing top notch services:

  • They optimise their network for market share, not performance.
  • Their networks are susceptible to abusive usage patterns with no systems in place to prevent this. This affects your Internet speed.
  • They have high contention ratios (you are on shared bandwidth with too many other customers).
  • They operate hybrid networks, throwing businesses in the same pool as high-use consumers.

For your business to prosper, you need the following from your vaal fibre internet supplier:

  • A network that takes into account the large amount of cable being broken or stolen, and has a plan to keep your services online.
  • A network optimized specifically for business use.
  • A network with low contention ratios.
  • A network you share only with other business clients who have the same usage patterns as you do.
  • A network that’s lightning fast with very low latency.
  • A first-tier supplier who can cater to your stringent security requirements.
  • A supplier with fantastic service and local support.

Our Solution

There is a reason why more and more large business and government customers are switching over to Jenny Internet. We offer a Vaal Fibre Internet Direct service achieving all the above requirements.

Our call centre is packed with technical gurus and backed by our local support, providing your company and IT staff the solutions to make your business work. Enquire today!